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A Welcome Addition

In his detailed review for, Andrew Beck explores why he feels The Godspell Experience is “a welcome addition” to the growing number of books that keep show histories alive. He also notes “Any director, amateur or professional, who is considering helming a production of Godspell should read this book as it gets to the heart of the creators’ intentions.” review of The Godspell Experience

From readers to author Carol de Giere:

Loved the insights

I was so engaged throughout. I loved the insights into production, the thought process behind the characters. This is a thorough must-read for theater fans and especially fans of the show. I would hope that those putting on a future production use it as the source for the meanings behind the show. – T. Gonzalez, New Jersey

A gift to all of us who love this musical

Reading The Godspell Experience was a profound experience for me. It not only reconnected me to my great love for Godspell, but also helped me understand just what had kindled that love in the first place. Your approach is judicious yet also open-hearted, tough-minded but never gossipy (which often masquerades as tough-mindedness), critical at times but never cynical, and marked throughout by an intense desire to make the inside story as transformational as witnessing the play itself.  The book is a gift to all of us who love this musical–and to all of us who love community, creativity, education, and unfettered hope.  – Gardner Campbell, Virginia

Best Resource on Godspell

I think the book you’ve put together is the best imaginable resource on Godspell, whether you’re producing the show or just want to enjoy it more fully. –Charles Gilbert, Professor, Theater Arts, The University of the Arts, Pennsylvania

Captured the creative thinking

I loved The Godspell Experience.  Beautifully done! I enjoyed it from cover to cover.  While I love GODSPELL (who doesn’t?) and know almost all of its lyrics (yes, I sang the tunes in my head while reading the lyrics in your book), I didn’t know much about its origins at CMU. What a fascinating story.  I love how you’ve captured the creative thinking that went into every element of the show.  What a great service your book is to the field.   It’s a must read for anyone thinking of producing GODSPELL.  And a joyful read for anyone that’s ever been in or loved GODSPELL.   – M. Ross, Connecticut

A highly enjoyable read

A highly enjoyable read and a must for anyone who loves Godspell and would like to know more about how it was created — particularly musical theater writers who will learn a lot from the later half of the book that gives you song-by-song details about the writing and performing of the score. Brava, Carol! You’ve done it again! B. Squier, Connecticut

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Offers Facts and Warm Memories of the Show

Camp Magazine review by Leo Buck includes commentary Godspell Experience review

“….De Giere divided her book into four thematic parts. The first one deals with the show from its inception and very first rough and rowdy four-performance debut at Carnegie Mellon’s intimate Studio Theater. Part Two analyzes its various “Concepts and Colorful Details” — such as the important character arcs, and why clowns — not hippies (as is often misperceived) are used to convey the show’s messages, as well as a discussion about whether Godspell’s comic tone is compatible with deeper spirituality….Part Three, called Godspell’s Score — Song by Song,” encompasses the complete lyrics, with notes about each individual number….”

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